St John's Wort Soap, 100% natural (2 pieces)

St John's Wort Soap, 100% natural (2 pieces)

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St John's Wort Soap with Lemon Verbena and natural essential oil. 

Specially formulated with natural plant extracts, this soap is suitable for the face and body to treat and soothe a range of skin conditions, including:

 - Scars

- Minor burns

- Irritation

- Rashes

- Eczema

- Dry skin

- Sunburn

- Nappy rash

St. John’s wort is renowned for treating stress, depression and mood disorders the natural way. But this powerful plant also has many antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in the active antibacterial and antifungal ingredient hypericum, St. John’s wort has powerful dermatological benefits while also being gentle enough to treat adult and baby skin. To use, rub the soap between wet palms to produce a lather. Simply massage the lather into the area of the face or body that requires treatment before rinsing thoroughly. Use daily for best results.