Osmanthus Flower Herb Loose Leaf Tea 100%  Natural 4 oz

Osmanthus Flower Herb Loose Leaf Tea 100% Natural 4 oz

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Osmanthus is a yellow-gold flower grown in Southern China, has a uniquely sweet and buttery fragrance that makes it not only delicious to drink as a pure tea or part of a tea blend, but also great to create sweet desserts. Its melanin content and high concentrations of antioxidants may also serve to slow aging and the browning of foods. Osmanthus Tea Benefits In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), osmanthus is a well known herb that can improve skin, detoxify the body, reduce thick saliva in the throat and boost lung health. In practice, osmanthus tea is often consumed when one suffers from a dry skin or hoarseness. At last, this national flower is also popular among Chinese seniors with a weak digestive function and reduce appetite. Some of the most desired benefits of osmanthus tea include its ability to improve the complexion of the drinker, as well as helping the body to rid itself of excess nitric oxide. Traditional Chinese medicine claims that removing the excess nitric oxide from one’s body can help reduce the risk of the onset of cancer and diabetes, making it a popularly recommended drink. Thanks to the low pollen count of these flowers, they should be suitable for most drinkers, with little risk of an allergy occurring, although as always, should any symptoms arise, please seek medical help and seek consultation before starting any herbal treatment using this flower. As it's caffeine free, pure osmanthus flower tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day or evening without encountering trouble getting to sleep.

Ingredients: 100% Osmanthus Flower