NovoAndina Mambe AMBIL paste 100 grams

NovoAndina Mambe AMBIL paste 100 grams

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Ambil is the liquid pasty form of mapacho that is placed on the tip of the pinky finger, the finger of humility, to be eaten in prayer.

It is prepared by taking fresh mapacho leaves and cooking them in fresh water over a wood fire for 12 to 20 hours.

Traditionally, ambil is often used in the presence of mambe, and the union of these two plants clarifies and sweetens
communications, and makes us more sincere in our dealings with one another.  The combination of ambil and mambe
represents the sacred union of the Father Creator, represented by mapacho, and the Mother Earth, represented by Erythroxylum leaf.

Our product already contains Mambe Extra Strenght, a little bit is all you need, do not over do it, generally, natives use whatever the can carry in their pinky fingers to their mouth and that's it!
Ambil alone also realigns our chakras, grounds us emotionally, and encourages positive, insightful conversation. During the cooking process, there is a lot of prayer and healing given by who is preparing it and for that, we have asked a Bolivian Chaman to bless our first production.

This is an excellent substitute to chewing Erythroxylum leaves, with stronger effects.