1. Stock, Inventory & Products:
    1. We do not store any products, new batches arrive every week and products are shipped as fresh as possible to customers. Most of the time, the shelf time of products is not even two weeks so freshness is guaranteed.
    2. We can encounter delays due to customs, please be patient, a few times every year, products get delayed and that's out of our control.
    3. We sell our products first come - first served. Your label will get printed and gets in the waiting pile by the date the order has been received. We will not give preference to any order, we have people waiting, do not expect any special treatment.
    4. All our products are organically grown, no chemicals or pesticides in any of the processes. If the product contains dairy, the description will mention it for our vegan customers. 95% of our products are vegan, and might be packed in a facility which works with caffeine.
    5. We do not sell processed or altered teas or products. In most products, we use our own hybrids developed 17 years ago which produce excellent teas.
  2. Coupons:
    1. Coupons come twice every month, on the 1st and 15th (approximately). Coupons last 1 - 4 days max depending on the available inventory. If we do not send or skip a coupon, it is because inventory is low and we do not have enough products to cover the orders and we will only sell at full price.
    2. Many times, coupons do not apply high demand products.
    3. Extra coupons come from time to time on special dates or holidays.
    4. Early bird samplers are only sent for orders placed and fully paid the first day that the coupon comes out.
  3. Order Split:
    1. Many times, the orders will get split into two or more packages, we will ship whatever is available and ready to go and complete the order as soon as the pending products are back to stock.
  4. Pre-sale:
    1. The pre-sale date indicates the possible date that the product may arrive in the USA; if customs decides to keep the package longer for further inspection, there is not much we can do than wait and customers will get notified.
  5. Shipping :
    1. We ship "Tuesdays and Fridays Only" January until October. In November and December, we add one extra day (Wednesday or Saturday). The only exception is when we're out of products due to any reason out of our control such as delays in transportation, customs etc. In that case, we ship on the day after our products arrive.
    2. Tuesday shipping includes all orders from Friday to Monday night and Friday shipping orders from Tuesday to Thursday night. If you place your order on Tuesday or Friday, do not expect the order to ship the same day as shipping has closed the day before already.
    3. Express upgrade is only available from Thanksgiving till December 31 each year.
    4. Express shipping is a subject to availability of products. It does not mean that we will ship your order right away, but on our shipping day, and when available.
    5. We ship from Boston - MA in the United States.
    6. USA orders take 2-3 days, Canada 5-10 days, other countries 7-14 days. Africa may take longer.
    7. We are completely closed on Monday. We may not answer emails, we don't have access to your tracking number, our computer system is closed, no one can ship anything, we cannot process any orders.
    8. The only rule is 'First paid - First served'. Absolutely no prioritizing of orders by any other factor.
  6. Shipping cost:
    1. We started shipping from Bolivia Back in 2004, shipping prices have never changed and they have remained the same ever since. It was originally calculated with the price of shipping from Bolivia to the USA and the rest of the world
    2. Over the years, we have taken the burden out of the customer so they do not have to wait for customs clearance, 3-4 weeks waiting time, lost while in transit, seized packages at customs and operations have changed to shipping and handling directly from the USA. The original price went to cover those expenses and we absorbed all the liabilities. From 2006 to 2019, the fees at USPS have more than double and we have still kept the same price. So please do not complain about the amount you pay, it takes away from you several weeks of waiting, covers the insurance for your package, avoids customs letters to your door, guarantees that you will receive your order headache free.
    3. Delivery is guaranteed, we will cover packages stopped at customs, tracking numbers that do not show delivery, lost while in transit. However, if the tracking says that the package got delivered and matches your zip code, there is not much we can do at that point. Please request a signature confirmation ( it is free) if you live in a zone were packages get lost or stolen.
  7. Weight:
    1. All weights in powders and leaves are in" Gross Weight" which includes the bag the product comes in. We are not shortening your product, we are not sending less, we don't even touch whatever is inside each pouch which is sealed in origin and UV processed. It is the way this company uses to control that the weight leaving South America will be the same the customer receives and nothing comes in or out of the package and no bag gets switched or changed while in transit. 
    2. Tea bags are by the count and they should have 1 gram approx. per bag.
  8. Usage:
    1. Do not take any of our products for more than 2 months without a 2-week break between cycles. Because effects may decrease with repeated use, use only as needed to avoid building a tolerance.
    2. As with all supplements meant to promote general well-being, it is important to note that a supplement such as this is by no means a substitute for legitimate medical advice. It is always best to talk to a doctor if you are experiencing problems with your health before taking a course. 
  9. Measuring:

US Standard Measuring Spoons

Spoon Size(level)


1/4 teaspoon


1/2 teaspoon


1 teaspoon



Any other question? Please check our Terms and conditions page at the bottom of our website, or email us at andinastore@gmail.com. Thank you.